Thursday, June 9, 2011

back to basics

it's been a while, but the proctor experiment is back...

since posting a year ago, i've changed completely. people don't even recognize me anymore. now i look like this:

weird, huh? i think the secret was eating all those sour patch watermelon gummies from middxpress.

anyway, my first thought, after a year of non-posting and becoming striking-looking, is this:

sometimes our dining hall creations get out of control - all of a sudden our salads are loaded with beans, cucumbers, chicken, salsa, dill dressing, sesame seeds, and... pineapple? you might think it's a good idea to top your slice of cake with chocolate mousse, and peanut butter, and ice cream, but the next minute you're choking on a sugar rush and can't really taste anything at all. it happens.

so let's get back to some basics.

Root Beer Float
(constructed by Jack Maher [the blonde one] '12)

- 2/3 cup root beer
- scoop of vanilla ice cream

Caesar Salad

- romaine lettuce (they don't always have it)
- sprinkle of black pepper
- croutons
- caesar dressing
- lots of parmesan cheese

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