Tuesday, September 29, 2009

the beginning

i want to talk about food.

last year, i made many bad choices in the dining hall. i'd get another plate of pasta with marinara sauce from ross and eat it without any enjoyment. afterwards i'd wonder why i'd put it on my plate in the first place.

nevertheless, i continued eating pasta. i was like a slave to the hot food line, a dining hall zombie. i had no mind of my own. if there were muffins for breakfast, i ate them. if there were rolls at lunch, i took both varieties. i only used maple balsamic dressing. i was on a seafood diet - if i saw food, i ate it.

but times have changed. i'm back and dreaming of panini combinations at night. i'm sick of marinara sauce and roasted potatoes - there are healthier options, inspired options. i'm ready to take eating into my own hands. the posted menu is only a beginning.

we still have choices at every meal. more than you've ever imagined. it's time to surprise ourselves, to get creative, maybe even to attract a few stares.

i am not afraid. join me, and let's eat ourselves silly.

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