Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Thanksgiving Leftovers and Mysterious Crunchies: dinner, september 28th, 2009

welcome to the first recipe post ever. now let's get down with the get down.

a few notes:
1. portion measurements are dramatic approximations and should vary according to your own tastes.
2. LI - means limited item. they're mostly prepared foods from the hot food line or dessert station, and not always available. thus they can't be counted on in the recipe. i will try to suggest possible substitutions.
3. other additions/substitutions are untried and either dangerous or crucial/beneficial - TRY THEM YOURSELF AND REPORT BACK!
4. all posted recipes HAVE BEEN TASTED AND APPROVED by at least 2 people in the dining hall (including febs, so beware. kidding!)

TGIT - Thank God It's Thanksgiving - Sandwich
(main course)

- 2 slices of bread
- 1 tbs apricot jelly (or the cranberry sauce they serve, or strawberry jelly)
- 2 tsp raisins
- 2 slices of cheddar cheese (provolone might actually be better)
- LI spoonful of mashed potatoes (or mashed up roasted potatoes)
- LI serving of turkey breast (or sliced turkey/ham)

possible additions/substitutions: onions, barbecue sauce, tomato, hummus instead of mashed potatoes

directions: spread apricot jelly on bread and sprinkle raisins on top (which is fun because they stick to the jelly). spread a light layer of potato on the other slice of bread. layer the turkey and cheese on top. panini that shit!

Mysteriously Crunchy Ice Cream Sandwich

- 1/2 cup frozen yogurt and/or soft serve (you choose!)
- 1/4 cup chocolate chips (i used a mix of milk and white, but again, you decide)
- 2 tbs cup peanut butter (can be omitted)
- 1 packet of butter (can also be omitted, i think, but i have a feeling it's secretly very useful)
- 2 tbs chocolate sauce, and some for drizzling
- 1/4 cup all bran
- LI 2 slices of pound cake (or any LI prepared cookie, cake, muffin, brownie, and dare i say corn bread. healthier alternative - whole wheat bread)
- LI chunky strawberry sauce, served with the pound cake (or jam)

directions: the trick to this recipe is layering, but i think i've figured it out (with the help of tasters!!!) combine the chocolate chips, peanut butter, butter, chocolate sauce and all-bran in a bowl. microwave for approximately 30 seconds, maybe 33, or 38, whatever, until it's melted. mix together thoroughly - these are the mysterious crunchies. dispense the frozen yogurt/soft serve in another bowl (this is the bottom layer of the dish). place one piece of pound cake on top. spread a thick layer of mysterious crunchies over the pound cake. layer the strawberry sauce on top. place the other piece of pound cake over this, and drizzle with chocolate sauce. share with friends.

possible additions/substitutions: honey (spread over the crunchies), oreos

seriously though, holler back.


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