Friday, October 2, 2009

middlebury's best dessert. ever.

everyone has something - whether it's a soup, house-made bread or mysterious slaw - that they can't resist in the dining hall. but i think we can all agree on one completely irresistible dish: the carrot cake. it should be mandated that no matter who you are, you consume at least three pieces of carrot cake every time it's served. casey knudsen, of gifford/albany, ca once said: "yeah, i mean, i always have like five pieces. i just do a few extra push-ups before i go to bed." (casey knudsen is also a genius.)

and even though i swore every recipe on this blog would be pre-tested by courageous tasters, i
can't resist putting up my favorite dessert of the year so far (with googled photos, eep!):

- 1 piece of middlebury's carrot cake with frosting (oops i meant three?)
- 1/2 cup of total whole grain and all-bran
- 1 tbs raisins
- a lot of chocolate frozen yogurt

it's pretty simple. but i thought it was necessary to give credit to the carrot cake we all love. and sorry to the girls i cut off in order to get the last piece. although they will never see this. (but PD [top secret code initials] - one was an actual unicorn.)

sorry about that last part.


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  1. For me it has to be the red velvet cupcakes.

    Get me every time.