Thursday, October 15, 2009

A week without sugar - I didn’t make it (BY BIANCA GIAEVER 12.5 of pearsons/seattle, wa!)

As a Middlebury Student struggling with sugar addiction, I get very excited about desert and eat it before dinner. I also pour honey and cinnamon sugar on top of most things. But the facts are these: last Thursday I ate a lot of pecan pie, cinnamon sugar honey cinnamon raison bread toast, and fro-yo before dinner. Then I felt too sick to eat dinner and had to go home. With my friend Ben in mind, who quit sugar and has a great body, I proclaimed I would not eat sugar for a week. My true friend Aiden joined me, and we operated on the honors system with complete shame as the punishment for eating sugar. Also, the first one to crack would have to do pushups in the dining hall as they ate their treat, to make the shame more overwhelming.

I dreaded breakfast. Everything is sweet: the cereals, the jam, the granola, the yogurt, the muffins. I usually ate English muffins with peanut butter and bananas and sloshed it down with water. With lunch and dinner there was no way to end meals, and I could NOT be satisfied. I took my misery out on my sugar-eating friends that I loved most. After 5 days I began eating sugar again, returning to my friends and chronic nausea. I have learned that sugar, like everything else in life, should be taken in moderation.

(last year my friend janet and i decided not to eat dessert between an ambiguous point in february and spring break. i found janet at portuguese language table the next day eating a cookie. she claimed she had "forgotten." and yet she didn't stop chewing. i cracked later that day by eating oreos at fic. by the way i really miss fic. anyway, moral of the story: life sucks. --maya)

p.s. bianca rulez! she says to check this out:

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