Wednesday, October 14, 2009

thoughts on cottage cheese

does this scare you?

well, it scares me. it just looks so… curdled, you know? but i’ve been thinking a lot recently about cottage cheese – and how good it really is.

first of all, if you’re still thinking “what is she talking about, cottage cheese is always hella nasty” – try reframing your image of cottage cheese: it’s just cow’s milk. only curdled. yay!

the dining hall serves non-fat cottage cheese, which means it’s creamy AND healthy, and can be used in tons of fun ways:

1. substitute cottage cheese for other cheeses, especially in quesadillas (full recipe still to come). when you mix it with salsa and black beans in a grilled quesadilla, it just tastes like creamy goodness. not scary at all.

2. put cottage cheese on your salads, like astrid s-g of milli/westchester, ny! think of it as feta, just a little more... wet.

3.If you are feeling brave, try mixing it in with your yogurt, like cate brown of coffrin/hanover, nh. she loves it, and who doesn't love cate, so why not, right?

4. a girl in my sociology class named sam (i think she lives in weybridge) only eats local products from the dining hall, which means her selection is almost entirely limited to cottage cheese, applesauce, cheddar cheese, and apples – which is actually an amazing combination!

5. substitute cottage cheese for cream cheese. grill a panini with cottage cheese, tomato, cucumbers and turkey (i'll find a good recipe for this!). or use cottage cheese on your bagel/bread for breakfast, along with jam/honey and bananas.

6. eat cottage cheese for dessert. you can “spice” it up with lots of fruit, a little jelly or honey, cinnamon, all-bran, peanut butter and (perhaps) raisins. or with whatever else you love. chocolate sauce could work too.
7. check out my soon to come recipe for noodle kugel, using cottage cheese.

p.s. i wish we had an easy bake oven, then we could use cottage cheese to make these:

seriously, they have cottage cheese in them. check out the link:


  1. i'm with you, 'strid. cottage cheese on salads is delightful.

  2. i'm pretty sure that first picture is cream cheese. also matt katz has an easy bake oven, a popcorn machine, and a soft-serve machine all sitting in the closet of our house.