Thursday, October 8, 2009

indian food?! YES.

today i just can't stop. i am too excited about taking and posting photos.

Indian Grill - curry tofu kebabs with curried yogurt and grilled vegetables:

(i really don't know how much seasoning i used. use however much you want!)

- a few pieces of tofu
- 2 tbs honey
- chopped apple
- 1/4 cup plain yogurt
- lots of curry powder
- sprinkle of dark chili powder
- some cinnamon sugar
- 1 tbs canola oil
- onions
- peppers
- raisins

use the tea stirrers as kebab skewers. dip the tofu in the honey and then skewer them, along with pieces of apple. sprinkle on curry powder, cinnamon and dark chili powder as you like, and put on the grill. spread the canola oil (from the end of the salad bar) on the grill, and add the onions, peppers and raisins, and whatever other vegetables you might want. again add curry, cinnamon and chili powder. while these cook, make your yogurt from the same spices, plus some honey! add some of the yogurt to the skewers as the tofu cooks. serve it all together.

p.s. best radio show with the best intro theme song ever!!!

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